Implant Therapy


Merli, Mauro

1st edition

expected publication: 06/2018


Language: English

Publication in preparation.


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Implant Therapy

Volume 2: Prosthetics and Maintenance Therapy

Finally, a comprehensive book on the restoration of implants. This second volume on integrated implant therapy provides in-depth analysis of the prosthetic rehabilitation of implant-supported restorations in complex clinical cases, including single-tooth, partially edentulous, and fully edentulous situations. The diagnostic process is examined from a prosthetic perspective and focuses on the use of digital methodologies for recording data for effective esthetic analysis and functional planning. The author discusses the management of biologic and biomechanical complications. Furthermore, this book includes a section on the role of the dental technician through each phase. The pertinent literature is cited throughout to provide the reader with further background awareness, and clinical cases demonstrate both surgical and prosthetic phases.

• Esthetic Diagnosis • Functional Diagnosis • Recording and Transferring Diagnostic Data • The Prosthetic Rehabilitation Plan • Alternative Clinical Solutions • Sequencing the Integrated Treatment Plan • The Provisional Phase • Single-Tooth Rehabilitation • The Partially Edentulous Patient • Orthodontics • Maxillofacial Surgery • The Edentulous Patient • Biologic Complications • Biomechanical Complications • Maintenance of Peri-Implant Health

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