Mandibular Suction-effective Denture "The Professional"


Abe, Jiro / Iwaki, Kenji / Sudo, Tetsuya / Kokubo, Kyoko

1st Edition 2019

Softcover, 27,9 x 21 cm, 188 pages, 191 images

Language: English

ISBN 978-4-7812-0676-9

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Mandibular Suction-effective Denture "The Professional"

Clinical and Laboratory Technique for Class I/II/III with Aesthetics

The "Suction-Effective Mandibular Complete Denture Fabrication Technique" advocated by Dr. Jiro Abe has reached the common sense area by the success of many clinicians who learned this technique all over the world. And now, attention is focused on the application of this technique to refractory cases. Therefore, in this book, as well as the basis of the mandibular suction effective technique, Angle's Class 2, Class 3 commentary on how to cope with difficult cases. It also refers to the production of aesthetic complete dentures. This is the essential book for dental physicians/ dental technicians who engaged in complete denture treatment.

Part 1. Introduction
Part 2. Everything starts from the simple intra-oral examination
Part 3. Inviolable rules for success in complete denture treatment
Part 4. Clinical case 1 Easy case: The Class I occlusion clinical case with and ideal ridge and stable mandibular position
Part 5. Clinical case 2 Maxillary/Mandibular difficult case: Class II - Division 2 with maxillary flabby ridge & extensive mandibular ridge resorption
Part 6. Fabrication steps of the denture for Class II - Division 1
Part 7. Denture fabrication method of Class III patient with TMD