Routes for Excellence in Restorative Dentistry

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Baratieri, Luiz Narciso / Monteiro Junior, Sylvio / Spezia de Melo, Tiago (Ed.)

1st edition 2015

2 Volumes in a case, 760 pages, 1.900 images

Language: English

ISBN 978-85-7889-039-1


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Routes for Excellence in Restorative Dentistry

Mastery for Beginners and Experts

Although true mastery in restorative dentistry requires a lifetime of learning and improvement, this two-volume compendium distills many essential clinical insights for the student clinician who is learning the craft of restorative dentistry. Envisioned as a comprehensive clinical textbook, this book elucidates the fundamental concepts of restorative dentistry and illustrates procedures step-by-step to ensure precision in esthetics, biomechanics, and function. The authors provide an up-to-date review of direct and indirect restorative techniques and cover the most important protocols used in daily clinical practice. As the name Routes suggests, there are many different ways to approach restorative treatment, and this book will prepare clinicians to successfully navigate treatment options and the complexity of dental restoration to attain excellence in their clinical practice.


Volume 1
Chapter 01 - Nomenclature and classification of lesions and cavities
Chapter 02 - General principles of cavity preparation
Chapter 03 - Instruments and materials
Chapter 04 - Isolation of the operatory field
Chapter 05 - Adhesion to dental tissues
Chapter 06 - Composite resins
Chapter 07 - Polymerization of composites
Chapter 08 - Light, color & characterization of restorations
Chapter 09 - Dental amalgam

Direct Composite Restorations
Chapter 10 - Class III preparation and restoration using composite resins
Strictly proximal access
Palatal access
Labial access

Chapter 11 - Class IV preparation and restoration using composite resins
Silicone guide technique
Free-hand build-up technique

Chapter 12 - Class V preparation and restoration using composite resins
Non-carious lesions
Carious lesions

Chapter 13 - Tooth fragment reattachment
Reattachment technique using an acrylic guide
Bevelling technique after reattachment

Chapter 14 - Direct composite resin veneers
Technique of acrylic matrix
Free-hand build-up technique

Chapter 15 - Diastema and conoid teeth
Diastema reduction or closure
Restoration of conoid teeth

Chapter 16 - Finishing and polishing of direct anterior restorations
Chapter 17 - Class I preparation and restoration using composites
Free-hand stratified technique
Occlusal acrylic resin matrix

Chapter 18 - Class II preparation and restoration using composites
Horizontal slot technique
Using a biconvex partial metal matrix
Using a circumferential metal matrix

Recommended Literature

Volume 2
Direct Restorations using Amalgam
Chapter 19 - Class I preparation and restoration with amalgam
Chapter 20 - Class I prepartion and restoration using amalgam
Chapter 21 - Complex restorations using amalgam
Chapter 22 - Finishing and polishing of amalgam restorations

Indirect Restorations
Chapter 23 - Impression materials and techniques
Chapter 24 - Temporary restorations
Chapter 25 - Adhesive cementation
Chapter 26 - Root posts
Chapter 27 - Anterior crowns
Using fiber resin posts and composite cores
Non-vital discolored tooth

Chapter 28 - Porcelain Laminate veneers
Chapter 29 - Inlay & onlay restorations

Chapter 30 - Posterior crowns
Conventional crown

Recommended Literature

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