Cell-to-Cell Communication: Osseointegration

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Stadlinger, Bernd / Terheyden, Hendrik

Series: Cell-to-Cell Communication, Volume 1

2nd revised Edition 2016

Video DVD

2 DVDs and a detailed booklet in a hardcover

Language: English / Deutsch

ISBN 978-1-85097-295-2


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Cell-to-Cell Communication: Osseointegration

The invisible becomes visible and holds both challenge and fascination. The cellular-level biological processes that underlie osseointegration are visualized based on the cell types and messengers implicated, representing the current state of our knowledge. Complex biodynamic processes are showcased dramatically and didactically to support the transfer of knowledge in training and education.

Module 1, Cell-To-Cell Communication - Osseointegration, ushers in an Initiative for Excellence entitled Education - Science Comes Alive. It will eventually present all the relevant biomedical processes in dentistry and oral and maxillofacial surgery in the form of 3D animations, to be made available to a professional public as a 3D film library. This innovative genre - with special highlights for every viewer - will open up interesting teaching and training perspectives.

• Hemostasis
• Inflammatory Phase
• Proliferative Phase
• Remodeling Phase

DVD 1: Expert Version (Length: 12 minutes)
DVD 2: Public Version (Length: 12 minutes)

On This Film:
Main Cast:

Platelets, Fibroblasts, Endothelial Cells, Granulocytes, Macrophages, Pericytes, Osteoclasts, Osteoblasts, Osteocytes

Also Starring:
PDGF, Thromboxane, TGF-α, TGF-ß, VEGF, NO, ACE, TNF-α, IL-1, IL-6, FGF, MIP-1, RANKL, Sclerostin

Project/Expert Team:

PD Dr. Dr. Bernd Stadlinger, Prof. Dr. Dr. Hendrik Terheyden

Advisory Board:
Prof. Dr. Lyndon F. Cooper DDS PhD, Prof. Dr. Christoph Hämmerle, Prof. Dr. Thomas Hoffmann, Dr. Myron Nevins DDS

Dr. Susanne Bierbaum, Prof. Dr. N. P. Lang
(Co-Authors Scientific Review Article)
Prof. Dr. Dr. Uwe Eckelt, Dr. Ute Hempel
Prof. Dr. Lorenz Hofbauer, Prof. Dr. Dieter Scharnweber (Transregio 67)

Platform for Exchange of experience, Education, Research and Science
Prof. Dr. Dr. Stefan Hassfeld, PD Dr. Dietmar Weng, Dr. Helmut G. Steveling

Author Public Storyboard:
PD Dr. Dietmar Weng

Microscopic Images, Osteoclasts in Situ:
Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Lambrecht

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