Cell-to-Cell Communication: Periodontal Regeneration


Stadlinger, Bernd / Terheyden, Hendrik

Series: Cell-to-Cell Communication, Volume 3

1st edition 2015

Video DVD

2 DVDs and a detailed booklet in a hardcover

Language: English / Deutsch

ISBN 978-1-85097-280-8


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Cell-to-Cell Communication: Periodontal Regeneration

Unlike bone, which undergoes remodeling by resorption followed by bone apposition, teeth are not subject to physiological remodeling. They are remarkably resistant to physiological remodeling processes. The reason for this is found in the periodontium and cementum. The mechanisms that take effect in this area and the effectiveness of the periodontal system - consisting of gingiva, alveolar bone, periodontium and cementum - after injuries will be visualized in the new scientific 3D film, "Periodontal Regeneration".The visualization of these complex processes is of great interest for academic teaching as well as for the clinician and general practitioner as the cellular interactions are presented in the context of four phases. For the first time scanning electron microscopic images of real cells will be visualized allowing the comparison of their characteristics with computer animated simulations.

• Cementum formation
• Orthodontic tooth movement
• Trauma and periodontitis
• Periodontal regeneration

DVD 1: Expert Version (Length: 14 minutes)
DVD 2: Public Version (Length:13 minutes)

On This Film

Main Cast:
Ameloblasts, Cementoblasts, Fibroblasts, Osteoclasts, Macrophages, Odontoclasts, Osteoblasts

Also Starring:
Amelogenins, Bone Sialoprotein (BSP), Osteopontin (OPN), Receptor Activator of NF-KB (RANK), Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha (TNF- α), Transforming Growth Factor Beta (TGF-ß), Fibroblast, Growth Factor (FGF), Macrophage Inflammatory Protein 1 (MIP-1), TNF-related Activation Protein (TRAP), Receptor Activator of NF-KB Ligand (RANKL)

PD Dr. Dr. Bernd Stadlinger, Prof. Dr. Dr. Hendrik Terheyden

Advisory Board:
Prof. Dr. Dieter Bosshardt, Prof. Dr. David Cochran, Prof. Dr. Yuichi Izumi, Prof. Dr. Dr. Søren Jepsen, Prof. Dr. Anton Sculean

Scanning Electron Microscopic Images:
Nicole Ottawa & Oliver Meckes, eye of science

Metalbracket Discovery® SMART:
Generously provided by Dentaurum

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