Anatomy and Surgery of the Mandible


Roberto Pistilli / Pietro Felice

1st Edition 2023

Hardcover; 21.6 x 28 cm, 184 pages, 772 illus

Language: English

ISBN 978-0-86715-944-8

6 720 Kč
Kategorie: Cizojazyčné knihy
Anatomy and Surgery of the Mandible

For every surgeon, knowledge of the anatomy is a crowning achievement that goes hand in hand with the expertise to manage surgical difficulties. Most surgeons will tell you that such knowledge can only be obtained through anatomical dissection. However, the next best thing is this book. The authors have crafted an exceptional guide to surgical anatomy of the oral cavity that includes examples of everyday clinical scenarios as well as surgical complications that can arise. The focus of this volume is on the mandibular fossae, the lower lip, the mental foramen, the symphysis and body of the mandible, the retromolar region, and the ascending ramus. Each area is explained using detailed cadaver dissections and clinical and radiographic images. This book also includes more than 60 videos throughout to demonstrate anatomical dissections and surgical procedures.

Chapter 1. Perioral Anatomical Spaces
Chapter 2. Lower Lip
Chapter 3. Mandibular Symphysis: Mental Foramina and Interforaminal Region
Chapter 4. Posterior Vestibular Fornix of the Mandible
Chapter 5. Vestibular and lingual Surfaces of the Mandibular Body
Chapter 6. Mandibular Body and Mandibular Nerve Region
Chapter 7. Retromolar Trigone and Lingual Nerve
Chapter 8. Medial Surface of the Mandibular Ramus
Chapter 9. Floor of the Mouth and Tongue