Applied Occlusion


Wassell, Robert / Naru, Amar / Steele, Jimmy / Nohl, Francis

2nd Edition 2015

Hardcover incl. DVD-ROM, 208 pages, 210 illus

Language: English

ISBN 978-1-85097-277-8

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Applied Occlusion

A sound understanding of occlusal principles is key to good clinical practice, and the update to this best-selling book offers a straightforward clinical approach to occlusion. This second edition includes many new illustrations, highlighted practical tips, and updates to the text with the most recent advances in the literature. The narrated 3D animations on the accompanying DVD clarify the effects of jaw movement, and comprehensive clinical videos demonstrate the process of investigating and managing real-life occlusal problems. The authors of this practical guide bring occlusal concepts and techniques to life and demystify them for dentists and students alike.

Chapter 1. The Intercuspal Position and Dentistry
Chapter 2. Normal Function and Avoiding Damage to Restored Teeth
Chapter 3. Deflective Contacts, Interferences and Parafunction
Chapter 4. Reorganising the Occlusion
Chapter 5. Occlusion, the Periodontium and Soft Tissues
Chapter 6. Occlusion and Fixed Osseointegrated Implant Restorations
Chapter 7. Occlusion and Temporomandibular Disorders
Chapter 8. Occlusal Techniques

Contents of the DVD
Understanding Jaw Movement Animations:
A. Intercuspal Position (ICP)
B. Lateral Excursion into ICP Showing Disclusion
C. Canine Guidance and Group Function
D. Tracks of Posterior Movement
E. Crowning and Anterior Guidance
F. Protrusive Interference on Crown
G. Retruded Contact Position and ICP
H. Last Tooth in the Arch Syndrome
I. Cross Arch Pivot

Clinical and Laboratory Sequences:
J. TMD Examination
K. Occlusal Examination
L. Accurate Alginate Impressions
M. Centric Relation Registration
N. Facebow Record
O. Semi-adjustable and Average Value Articulator
P. Mounting Casts
Q. Occlusal Analysis
R. Trial Occlusal Adjustment
S. Clinical Occlusal Adjustment and Follow-up

The DVD is produced in 4:3 format.