Bioesthetics in Oral Rehabilitation


Prosper, Loris

1st Edition 2018

Hardcover, 22 x 29 cm, 892 pages, 3.800 images

Language: English

ISBN 978-88-7492-039-6


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Bioesthetics in Oral Rehabilitation

Science, Art, and Creativity

This book describes a methodology for creating biomimetic restorations that harmonize with the remaining natural teeth. The author analyze the methodology for each phase of work, including the diagnosis and treatment planning, the stages of preparation and fabrication, and the cementation of the definitive restoration. All the essential components are covered, including occlusal analysis, soft tissue management, color selection, implant considerations, and guidelines for home maintenance. The merits of a multidisciplinary approach are shown within the a functional esthetic paradigm in which the prosthodontist, surgeon, orthodontist, and dental technician work as a close-knit team to ensure a predictable and reproducible result.

Chapter 1. Epidemiology of Dental Esthetics
Chapter 2. Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
Chapter 3. Basic Concepts of Occlusion to be applied to Prosthetic Restorations
Chapter 4. Mucogingival Surgery to improve Pink Esthetics
Chapter 5. Dental Abutment Preparation
Chapter 6. The Provisional Restoration
Chapter 7. Taking a final Impression
Chapter 8. Esthetic Dentistry with Implants
Chapter 9. Professional and Home Maintenance of Fixed Prosthetic Restorations