Clinical Photography in Dentistry


Sheridan, Peter

1st edition 2017

Hardcover, 21,3 x 28 cm, approx. 232 pages, approx. 554 images

Language: English

ISBN 978-0-86715-722-2

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Clinical Photography in Dentistry

A New Perspective

The primary aim of this seminal book is to make the case that digital photography is an essential instrument for evidence and interaction in dental practice. Unlike many books on this subject, this book redefines the scope of and rationale for clinical photography beyond the obvious focal point of anterior teeth and esthetics to include all oral tissues and the entire spectrum of dental care. In addition, the author outlines the most suitable camera equipment and accessories, the correct technique and positioning, and the protocol for digital image management to ensure high-quality images. This book will help dentists appreciate the value and scope of digital photography in general dentistry and allow them to seamlessly incorporate the equipment and techniques into their clinical practice and workflow. An essential book that expands the place of clinical photography and underscores its role in improving clinical records and communication.

1. The Digital Image in Dentistry
2. Uses for Clinical Photography
3. Principles of Photography
4. Camera Equipment
5. Mirrors, Retractors, and Contrastors
6. A Guide to Standard Views
7. Clinical Practice Considerations
8. Digital Asset Management and Postprocessing
9. Improving Communication and Treatment Acceptance with Photography