Comprehensive Esthetic Dentistry


Lăzărescu, Florin (Ed.)

1st edition 2015

Hardcover, 364 pages, 820 images

Language: English

ISBN 978-1-85097-278-5


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Comprehensive Esthetic Dentistry

A great feeling of fulfillment that inspires us in our medical profession is when we succeed in bringing back the smile and happiness to our patients' faces as a result of esthetic dental treatment. To the knowledge that will be gained from reading this book, including how to abide by the prescribed rules and described procedures, we suggest a drop of passion be added as a necessary ingredient. All the data presented herein observe the standard principles of dental medicine, with a slight emphasis on the artistic aspects of the final outcome. This final touch is what lends our personal mark to the medical process, making our patients' smiles different, special, and... esthetically beautiful!

We do not claim to have produced a textbook, or that this work should be substituted for one. This is rather a book resulting from clinical evidence and the practical experience of the authors. It is based on numerous up-to-date literature sources, which scientifically confirm and document the theoretical and practical aspects presented in the book.

Chapter 01 - Esthetic dentistry in the modern dental practice
Chapter 02 - General principles in dental and dentofacial esthetics
Chapter 03 - The photographic examination
Chapter 04 - Dentist-patient communication during esthetic analysis integrating provisional esthetic rehabilitation in the treatment plan
Chapter 05 - Ceramics used in esthetic restorations
Chapter 06 - Ultraconservative dentistry
Chapter 07 - Adhesive techniques in esthetic dentistry
Chapter 08 - Tooth discoloration
Chapter 09 - Esthetic restoration of anterior teeth
Chapter 10 - Esthetic restoration of posterior teeth
Chapter 11 - Luting protocol for allceramic restorations
Chapter 12 - In-office dental cad/cam technology
Chapter 13 - Dental implants placed in the esthetic zone
Chapter 14 - Soft tissue management for an esthetic aspect in implant dentistry
Chapter 15 - Esthetic strategies in orthodontics