Esthetics in Function


Marcelo A. Calamita

1st Edition 2023

Hardcover; 23 x 31 cm, 648 pages, 1490 illus

Language: English

ISBN 978-1-78698-134-9


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Esthetics in Function
Integrating Occlusal Principles into Smile Design

The esthetic harmony and effectiveness of occlusal function are integrated and are in constant movement in the search for balance. This book, written by a top expert in the field, is about the preservation and enhancement of smile esthetics. The richly illustrated content aims to enhance the clinician’s understanding of the static and dynamic principles that act on a patient’s stomatognathic system.

The main themes of the book – treatment planning and occlusion – are inseparable factors for the success of every restorative treatment. It is only from a complete understanding of the varied and complex relationships between these aspects that the clinician can diagnose and treat a patient with a pragmatic and effective long-term approach.

In a clear and uncomplicated manner, the book presents protocols containing all the relevant aspects related to the topic so that excellent results can be obtained with consistency and predictability. The content is based on an extensive literature review and contains the best-quality scientific evidence available at the time of publication, accompanied by the author’s valuable commentary and notes.

Part 1. The Treatment Planning Process
Chapter 01. Anamnesis
Chapter 02. Clinical Examination
Chapter 03. interdisciplinary Treatment Planning
Chapter 04. Selection of Restorative Material
Chapter 05. Treatment Plan Presentation
Chapter 06. Control and Maintanance

Part 2. Esthetics and Function
Chapter 07. Introduction to Functional Occlusion
Chapter 08. Mounting on a Semi-Adjustable Articulator
Chapter 09. Maxilomandibular Relationship
Chapter 10. Functional Guidance
Chapter 11. Vertical Dimension of Occlusion
Chapter 12. Occlusal Plane
Chapter 13. Occlusal Adjustment
Chapter 14. Stabilizing Interocclusal Splint

Alexandre Carvalho Teixeira • Christian Coachman • Eduardo Fregnani • Felipe Miguel Pinto Saliba • Guilherme Cabral • José Roberto Santana de Moura Junior • Wanessa Miranda-Silva