Foundations of Dental Technology

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Hohmann, Arnold / Hielscher, Werner

1st edition 2014

Softcover, 400 pages, 830 images

Language: English

ISBN 978-0-86175-611-9


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Foundations of Dental Technology

Volume 1: Anatomy and Physiologyology

Dental technicians must have a comprehensive knowledge of dental anatomy, physiology, and pathology in order to work with dentists to produce successful dental prostheses. Much training for dental technicians is spent on honing sound technical skills, but this textbook lays out the theoretical foundation that is prerequisite for reproducing functional and esthetic teeth and replacement tissues for individual dentitions. By providing the medical and technical context for dental technology work and focusing on functional interrelation among the anatomical components, the authors establish the variables and criteria for measuring success. This book provides the high-level technical knowledge necessary to develop profession-specific competence and innovation in dental technology.


Chapter 01. Fundamental Concepts of Dental Technology
Chapter 02. Cells and Tissues
Chapter 03. Dental Tissues
Chapter 04. Morphology of Teeth
Chapter 05. Morphology of the Dentition
Chapter 06. Cranial Anatomy
Chapter 07. Physiology of Mandibular Movement
Chapter 08. Articulators
Chapter 09. Pathology of the Orofacial System
Chapter 10. Orthodontics
Chapter 11. Splint Therapy