Lingual & Esthetic Orthodontics


Romano, Rafi (Ed.)

1st Edition 2011

Hardcover, 704 pages, 2.234 images

Language: English

ISBN 978-1-85097-206-8

4 303 Kč
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Lingual & Esthetic Orthodontics

In response to a new surge of interest in esthetic orthodontic techniques, this exceptional book details the state of the art in lingual orthodontics. Featuring the experiential knowledge of 39 of the best clinicians from around the world who practice lingual orthodontics on a daily basis, this book represents the first comprehensive clinical reference on the lingual orthodontic technique and reviews the latest advancements in the field, including available bracket systems, innovations in laboratory and simulation techniques, standard biomechanics from alignment to finishing, effective clinical protocols, and helpful tips and tricks for efficient treatment. The inclusion of a section on clear aligners shows how standard lingual orthodontic treatment can be used in combination with plastic aligners for optimum esthetic orthodontic results. No other book can match its timely, in-depth coverage of the field of lingual orthodontics.

Section I. The Lingual Appliance: Brackets, Wires and Accessories
Chapter 01. Development of the In-Ovation-L Bracket from GAC
Chapter 02. New Horizons in 2D Lingual Orthodontics
Chapter 03. The Stealth System, Today and in the Future
Chapter 04. Magic: Treatment Efficiency Meets Patient Comfort
Chapter 05. ORG Lingual Brackets
Chapter 06. STb: The Light Lingual System
Chapter 07. The Phantom Bracket: Lingual Self-ligation and Esthetics
Chapter 08. Lingual Orthodontic Cases Treated with Original Hiro Brackets
Chapter 09. Self-ligation and Traditional Ligation in Lingual Orthodontics: Pros and Cons
Chapter 10. Customized Brackets and Archwires for Lingual Orthodontic Treatment
Chapter 11. 3D Interactive Treatment Planning and Patient-Specific Appliances
Chapter 12. The Manufacturing Process of Lingual Jet
Chapter 13. Self-ligating Brackets in Lingual Orthodontics
Chapter 14. The Evolution Bracket: Clinical Experience
Chapter 15. Instruments Used in Lingual Orthodontics

Section II. Updated Laboratory and Simulation Techniques
Chapter 16. Digital Advancements in Lingual Orthodontics and Laboratory Procedures
Chapter 17. Orapix System in Lingual Orthodontics
Chapter 18. Indirect Bonding Technique in Lingual Orthodontics: The Hiro System
Chapter 19. In-house Lingual Bracket Transfer Systems
Chapter 20. A Modified Hiro System Within a Laboratory Sequence
Chapter 21. Lingual Plain-Wire Appliance System

Section III. Mechanics: From Alignment to Finishing
Chapter 22. Tooth-Size Discrepancies and Stripping
Chapter 23. How to Control the Vertical Dimension With Lingual Orthodontics
Chapter 24. Theoretical Analysis of Maxillary Incisor Movement due to Anteroposterior Force: Labial vs Lingual
Chapter 25. Interdisciplinary Treatment with Lingual Orthodontics
Chapter 26. Combining Lingual Orthodontics with Surgery
Chapter 27. Customized Hiro Transfer System
Chapter 28. Microimplant Anchorage in Lingual Orthodontic Treatment
Chapter 29. Microimplants and Lingual Orthodontics
Chapter 30. Lingual Orthodontics in a Multidisciplinary Practice
Chapter 31. Finishing With Lingual Orthodontics

Section IV. Tips and Tricks in Lingual Treatment
Chapter 32. Paradigms in Lingual Orthodontics
Chapter 33. Problems, Their Solutions, and Some Clinical Tips
Chapter 34. Clinical Considerations for the Establishment of Facial Balance and Harmony
Chapter 35. Aluminium Oxide: To Use or Not To Use
Chapter 36. Speech Language Therapy: The Key to Functional Control and Relapse Avoidance in Lingual Orthodontic Treatments
Chapter 37. Related Teeth in Lingual Orthodontics: Problems and Solutions
Chapter 38. It Is All in Your Hands: Food for Thought

Section V. Clear and Esthetic Appliances
Chapter 39. Invisalign: Effective and Accurate Treatment of a Variety of Malocclusions
Chapter 40. Lingual Orthodontics in Class II and III Malocclusions: The Microimplant-Supported Pendulum and Mechanics
Chapter 41. Clear Aligner: Its Application and Combined Treatment With Lingual Bracket

Section VI. Future of Lingual Orthodontics
Chapter 42. Future of the Lingual Orthodontics Technique

C. Andreiko • P. Baron • T. Brosh • V. Burdess • V. Cacciafesta • A. Chatoo • W. Dayan • R. Demicheri • P. Echarri • L. Favero • V. Favero • L. Frost • S. Geron • A. Gilbert • C. M. M. Gimenez • D. Grandi de Trepat • C. Gualano • G. Hall • J. Harfin • T. Hiro • T. Inami • T. W. Kim • H.-M. Kyung • H. Loidl • L. Lombardo • J.-P. Marcó • F. Marconi Jr • M. Nakagawa • C. Navarro • M. Navarro • T. Örtendahl • R. Romano • A. Sciacca • L. Sempe • P. Taylor • R. Thurler • H. Valdetaro • A. Veneziani • J. Villanueva