Lingual Orthodontics


Scuzzo, Giuseppe / Takemoto, Kyoto

1st Edition 2010

Hardcover, 264 pages, 885 illus

Language: English

ISBN 978-1-85097-192-4


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Kategorie: Cizojazyčné knihy
Lingual Orthodontics

A Simplified Approach Using STb Light Lingual System and Lingual Straight Wire

This excellent manual details the orthodontic solutions possible through the use of the STb light lingual system and its innovative variable-friction lingual bracket. Taking into consideration the recent developments within the industry and in laboratory procedure, the authors detail the latest improvements in the system, such as improved patient comfort, increased predictability of results, shortened treatment times, and decreased laboratory work. Furthermore the biomechanical benefits of the STb system are explained in full, including comprehensive chapters on extractive and nonextractive mechanics, absolute anchorage control, low frictional force, and the lingual straight-wire method. Multiple case presentations highlight the obvious esthetic advantage of using invisible orthodontic therapy, and a separate chapter outlines the keys to successfully managing the esthetically minded patient. An essential tool for all clinicians interested in lingual orthodontics.

Chapter 01. Introduction
Chapter 02. Overview of Bracket and Appliance Systems for Lingual Orthodontics
Chapter 03. STb and Light Lingual System
Chapter 04. Mechanical Aspects of STb and Other Lingual Brackets: Slot Precision and Torque Stability
Chapter 05. Light Wire Lingual Orthodontics: Biomechanical Considerations
Chapter 06. Effect of Force Levels on Tissue Reaction to Orthodontic Load
Chapter 07. New Diagnostic Concepts in Orthodontic Treatment with the Systematic STb Low-Friction System
Chapter 08. Frictional Force Produced by STb Lingual Orthodontic Brackets Bonded to a Simulated Dental Arch
Chapter 09. Biomechanics and Comparative Biomechanics
Chapter 10. Improvements in Laboratory Procedures
Chapter 11. Extraction Mechanics and Anchorage Control
Chapter 12. Illustrative STb Extraction Cases
Chapter 13. STb Nonextraction Mechanics
Chapter 14. Illustrative STb Nonextraction Cases
Chapter 15. STb Social 6: Esthetic Treatment for Today's Demanding Patient
Chapter 16. Lingual Straight Wire Method
Chapter 17. KommonBase: New Generation Bracket Bonding in Lingual Orthodontics