Modern Esthetic Dentistry

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Musella, Vincenzo

1st edition 2017

Hardcover, 24 x 28 cm, 456 pages, 1.358 images

Language: English

ISBN 978-88-7492-038-9


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Modern Esthetic Dentistry

An A to Z Guided Workflow

The present volume is a complete guide or blueprint explaining the newest and most advanced therapeutic dental strategies. The text is accompanied by more than 1,300 photographic images of the highest quality, and meanwhile the text itself focuses on explaining the necessary steps to obtain predictable and stable results in a schematic and synthesized manner.

Within this volume the topic of photography is greatly emphasized, with a thorough description of all equipment and relevant advice as to how to obtain high-quality photographic documentation. Moreover, the author illustrates in substantial depth the dental technique of "esthetic preview," also known as an esthetic mock-up, and the technique of inverse layering (direct and indirect).

Considerable research has been dedicated to the notion of esthetic rehabilitation with the use of lithium disilicate. In addition to its traditional use, the present volume describes alternative means of using the material.

1. Dental Photography. Basic notions of digital photography
2. Esthetic preview. Direct System
3. Esthetic preview. Direct and CAD/CAM systems
4. Clinical case. Rehabilitation with pressed feldspathic porcelain veneers without preparation
5. Clinical case. Rehabilitation with feldspathic porcelain veneers with minimal preparation
6. Clinical case. Rehabilitation with stratified porcelain veneers on a refractory die without preparation
7. Clinical case. Complex rehabilitation with litium disilicate veneers and pressed metal-ceramic crowns
8. Clinical case. Complex rehabilitation with lithium disilicate

Dr Vincenzo Musella, DMD, MDT
Dr Musella has been working as a prosthodontist/dental technologist for an extensive period of time and is particulary dedicated to the fabrication of hghly esthetic dental prostheses. Obtaining a bachelo's degree in dentistry did not put an end to Dr Musella's passion for prosthodontics, which he continues to practice, using the newest and most relevant technologies.

Due to his rich and complete path of studies, Dr Musella is able to achieve a unique, added-value dental technique, which he routinely practices in his daily profession.

This text is the by-product and synthesis of the combination of the two beautiful professions that are dentistry and prosthodontics.