New Straight Wire


Pedetta, Francesco

1st Edition 2020

Softcover, 21,6 x 27,9, 160 pages, 441 images

Language: English

ISBN 978-0-86715-824-3

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New Straight Wire
Strategies and Mechanics for a Programmed Approach to Orthodontic Treatment

This textbook seeks to simplify orthodontic diagnosis, treatment planning, and therapy by introducing the New Straight Wire (NSW) method. Using simplified cephalometry and treatment mechanics, this technique uses a table to systematically calculate and plan the necessary tooth movements before treatment, following the same parameters for each and every patient regardless of malocclusion. With the NSW technique, the treatment plan starts small and then moves to a larger scale, first carefully assessing the dental arches and then moving outward and analyzing their position on the patient's face. The treatment is therefore "verified" before beginning; the teeth can be placed in the planned positions to check that the resulting occlusion satisfies esthetic and functional goals for each individual patient. This approach rules out treatment plans that lead to good occlusion to the detriment of facial harmony. This book therefore teaches how to achieve Class I molar occlusion with proper overjet and facial esthetics every time, regardless of the pretreatment condition. It clarifies when surgery is indicated and when dental compensations and compromises may be made instead. While orthodontics has historically been a specialty based on action and reaction, this book seeks to shift orthodontics to a practice based on systematic movements planned from the start.

Chapter 01. Introduction to the New Straight Wire
Chapter 02. The Treatment Plan
Chapter 03. Arch Lines
Chapter 04. Dental Movements: Translation and Tipping
Chapter 05. Orthodontic Forces and Gap Closure
Chapter 06. Skeletal Growth
Chapter 07. Discordance
Chapter 08. Class I Malocclusion Correction
Chapter 09. Class II Malocclusion Correction
Chapter 10. Class III Malocclusion Correction
Chapter 11. NSW Cephalometric Analysis
Chapter 12. Example Treatment Plan

Francesco Pedetta, MD, DDS, graduated in medicine and surgery with a postgraduate dentistry qualification in Italy. In 1991, he joined the prestigious Postgraduate School of Orthodontics at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, where he gained his Certificate of Orthodontics under the guidance of Dr Robert L. Vanarsdall. After returning to Italy, he set up a private practice limited exclusively to orthodontics and temporomandibular disorders but continued to lecture at the University of Pennsylvania as well as at Perugia University. In 2012, he met the master of orthodontics, Dr Larry Andrews, who initiated him into the Six Elements philosophy, inspiring him to completely change his approach. Dr Pedetta then devoted himself to teaching this philosophy. He went on to develop his personal orthodontic approach known as the New Straight Wire approach, which incorporates all of Andrews's teachings in an up-to-date and effective method encompassing diagnosis, treatment planning, and therapy.