Oral Structure & Biology


Radlanski, Ralf J.

1st Edition 2018

Softcover, 16,5 x 24 cm, 472 pages, 245 images

Language: English

ISBN 978-0-86715-746-8

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Oral Structure & Biology

Knowledge of the structures of the orofacial region from the macroscopic scale to the molecular level and pathologic changes to those structures enables practitioners to successfully treat patients or seek treatment options. This book presents the structural biologic foundations underpinning dental and oral medicine. Beginning with an overview of the anatomy of the mouth and moving on to the evolution of the oral structures and pre- and postnatal development of the oral cavity, related facial structures, and the teeth, this book describes each part of the orofacial region in terms of its morphology, tissue structure, cellular properties, and development. Functioning as both a textbook for dental students and a reference manual for experienced clinicians, this compendium of the structural biologic foundations of clinical work in dental and oral medicine allows practitioners to integrate current research in molecular biology into a solid framework of knowledge.

Chapter 01. Definitions, Objectives, Clinical Relevance
Chapter 02. The Mouth and Its Parts
Chapter 03. Evolution
Chapter 04. Morphogenesis
Chapter 05. Development of the Oral Cavity in Relation to Facial Development
Chapter 06. Tooth Development
Chapter 07. Dental Enamel
Chapter 08. Dentin
Chapter 09. Pulp and Root
Chapter 10. Periodontium
Chapter 11. Cementum
Chapter 12. Periodontal Ligament
Chapter 13. Alveolar Bone and Jawbone
Chapter 14. Oral Mucosa
Chapter 15. Salivary Glands
Chapter 16. Immune System
Chapter 17. Development of the Dentition and Teeth Eruption
Chapter 18. Temporomandibular Joint