Promoting the Oral Health of Children


Sheiham, Aubrey / Moysés, Samuel Jorge / Watt, Richard, G. / Bönecker, Marcelo

Second Edition 2015

Hardcover, 466 pages, 112 images

Language: English

ISBN 978-85-7889-037-7


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Promoting the Oral Health of Children

Theory & Practice

This new edition advocates for a paradigm shift in which dental and primary health care professionals work together in promoting the oral health of pediatric patients. Written by experts in dental public health and pediatric dentistry, it positions the subject of children's oral health within the broader discourse of general health promotion and pre-sents practical strategies for prevention of common dental problems among children, including dental caries, periodontal disease, traumatic dental injury, and malocclusion. It also profiles community health concerns that influence pediatric oral health, such as environmental and social factors, habit development, and nutrition and diet.

Chapter 01 - The Life Course Approach: Healthy Children as a Sound Basis for a Healthy Society, with Particular Reference to Oral Health
Chapter 02 - Epidemiology of Oral Health Problems in Children and Adolescents
Chapter 03 - A Social Determinants Approach to Reduce Inequalities and Promote General and Oral Health - Tackling the "Causes of the Causes"
Chapter 04 - The Determinants of Oral Health-Related Behaviours; Clustering of Behaviours
Chapter 05 - Development of Behaviours and Habits Conducive to Oral Health
Chapter 06 - Preventive Strategies: Concepts and Principles of Health Promotion
Chapter 07 - A Social Determinants, Integrated Common Risk Factor Approach (CRFA) to Promoting Oral Health and Reducing Oral Health Inequalities
Chapter 08 - Promoting Oral Health by Creating Healthy Environments and Using the Common Risk Factor Approach
Chapter 09 - Evidence-based Dentistry
Chapter 10 - Use of Fluorides in the Control of Dental Caries
Chapter 11 - Promoting Children's Oral Health - Theory and Practice Toolkits on Guidelines for Prevention: Evidence Based Approaches
Chapter 12 - Public Policies for Healthy Eating; Applying the Common Risk Factor Approach
Chapter 13 - The Common Risk Factor Approach: Integrating Oral Cleanliness with General Cleanliness as Demonstrated in the Fit for School Project Introduction
Chapter 14 - Prevention of Smoking Using the Common Risk Factor Approach: the Roles of Destists Running Title: Prevention of Smoking in Adolescents
Chapter 15 - The Prevention of Traumatic Dental Injuries Using a Common Risk Factor Strategy
Chapter 16 - Effectiveness of Oral Health Education
Chapter 17 - Primary Care as a Setting for Promoting Health
Chapter 18 - Promotion of Oral Health in Nurseries and Preschool Settings: the importance of a good start
Chapter 19 - The Approach to Common Risk Factors and Health Promotion in Schools
Chapter 20 - Evaluating Oral Health Promotion: a practical guide
Chapter 21 - Oral Health Research to Oral Health of Children Recommendations for research to promote health and oral health