Slow and Grow

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Roig, Primitivo

1st Edition 2020

Hardcover, 21,7 x 29 cm, 768 pages, 200 images

Language: English

ISBN 978-84-89873-84-1

7 117 Kč
Kategorie: Cizojazyčné knihy

Slow and Grow

Today, there is much talk of being disruptive in life and business, of interrupting the status quo or of reinventing the rules. This two-volume book describes a different approach to dentistry by using the author's signature SLOW method to effectively GROW your practice and your enjoyment of the profession. The focus is on maintaining effective personal relationships in a world of marketing and digital communication, where it is often necessary to compete for the patient's attention. The book offers a vision of doing more with less, prioritizing quality, and enjoying the emotional bond with the patient as well as the dental team. It discusses methods to compete successfully in a global market and find greater fulfillment in dentistry and in general by optimizing personal human connections.

Volume 1 - The Philosophy

The Slow Movement: Applications in Dentistry
How It All Started
• Mass Economy
• The Harried Dentist
• The Cult of Calmness
• A Change of Focus in Education
• Practical Applications of the Slow Movement
• Slow Medicine
• Slow Dentistry

The Slow Approach
• A Revolution in Concept
• What, Why, How, and What For
• Focus on the Patient
• From Philosophy to Method
• Basic Principles
• Advantages for Professionals
• Advantages for Patients

The Importance of Balance
• More vs. Less
• Balanced Quality
• Fast vs. Slow
• Complete Dentistry
• Patient Profiles
• For the Responsible Use of Technology
• The Value of Prevention
• Natural Teeth vs. Implants
• Overtreatment vs. Undertreatment

Living and Practicing Slow
• Setting an Example
• A Game Plan
• Personal Organization
• Ultra-productivity
• The Competition
• A Value Proposition Formula
• Achieving Success

Volume 2 - The Method

The Dental Clinic: Practice Management
Dental Practice Management
• The Importance of Management
• Management Functions
• A Change in Mindset
• Vision, Mission, and Values
• Business Ethics in Dentistry
• Market Study
• Demand Analysis

Basic Finances
• Creating an Objective Plan
• The Business Plan
• Information Management
• Organizing the Schedule
• Factors that Influence Time Management
• The Concept of "Total Quality"
• Non-Quality Costs

Dental Practice Management
• Profitability
• Purchases and Investments
• Account Management
• Costs
• Financial Budget
• Establishing Fees

Dental Practice Marketing
• Internal and External Marketing
• Brand Value
• The Practice as a Marketing Element
• The Marketing Mix
• Advertising
• The Website
• Engagement in Social Networks

The Dentist as Leader: Leadership and Teamwork
Management Skills for Dentists
• The Practice Director
• The Basic Functions of the Business Person
• Basic Qualities and Functions
• Leadership vs. Management
• Personal Organization
• Power vs. Authority

Human Resources Management
• The Value of People
• Team Selection and Training
• Chain of Command
• Employee Duties
• Company Handbook
• Conduct Codes

Creating a Successful Team
• Emotional Intelligence
• A Positive Attitude
• The Value of Talent
• Make Your Team Loyal
• Happiness in the Workplace
• Reaching Objectives

• The Basic Principles of Teamwork
• Empowerment
• Internal Communication
• Staff Meetings
• Conflict Resolution
• Team Maturity

Patients: Satisfaction and Loyalty
Patient Services
• Patient or Client?
• Purchasing Dental Services
• Elements of Communication
• Communication Barriers
• Communicate Successfully
• Phases in the Consumption Process
• Patient Services

Initial Consultation
• First Impressions
• ABC1 Protocol
• The Last Visit
• Diagnostic Value
• Treatment Plan
• Treatment Proposal
• Selling Without Actually Trying to
• Visual Aids
• The Goal is a "Yes"

Patient Satisfaction Management
• Our Patients' Expectations
• Patient Opinion
• Complaints and Claims
• Conflict Resolution
• Word-of-Mouth
• Patient Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Retention

Patient Retention
• Aftermarketing
• The Value of Patient Retention
• From Satisfied to Retained
• Promoter, Referrer, Advocate
• The Recall System
• Keys for Retaining Patients