Soft Tissues and Pink Esthetics in Implant Therapy


Cardaropoli, Daniele / Casentini, Paolo

1st Edition 2019

Hardcover, 22,3 x 30,3 cm, 528 pages, 3.503 images

Language: English

ISBN 978-0-86715-815-1

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Soft Tissues and Pink Esthetics in Implant Therapy

Each chapter of this highly practical guide begins with a question-and-answer section that addresses clinicians' most frequently asked questions: Why are "pink esthetics" the most important factor in determining a good treatment outcome? When is immediate postextraction implant placement preferable, and when is it safer to carry out preservation or augmentation of the ridge? When and how can a keratinized tissue band be properly reconstructed or peri-implant soft tissues be augmented? How are peri-implant esthetic complications treated? Citing from the literature, the authors review the prevailing best evidence to provide guidelines for treatment. With more than 90 clinical cases demonstrating a wide range of therapeutic needs, the authors explore compelling case examples to provide step-by-step analysis of techniques and explain the best treatment options in different clinical scenarios. This book offers answers to dilemmas that every clinician faces in daily practice and outlines clear strategies for achieving optimal treatment results.

Chapter 01. Quality and Quantity of Peri-implant Soft Tissue
Chapter 02. Spontaneous Healing of the Socket After Extraction and Alveolar Ridge Remodeling
Chapter 03. Decision-Making Criteria in Socket Management After Extraction
Chapter 04. Immediate Postextraction Implant Placement
Chapter 05. Alveolar Ridge Preservation and Augmentation
Chapter 06. Periodontal Plastic Surgery to Optimize Soft Tissues at Peri-implant Sites
Chapter 07. Peri-implant Keratinized Tissue Augmentation
Chapter 08. Esthetic Augmentation of Peri-implant Soft Tissues
Chapter 09. Peri-implant Soft Tissue Conditioning Using Restorations
Chapter 10. Orthodontic Development for Implant Sites
Chapter 11. Treatment of Esthetic Failures in Implant Dentistry