The Ceramic Works


Aoshima, Hitoshi

1st edition 2016

Hardcover, 30,5 x 21,5 cm, approx. 104 pages, approx. 361 images

Language: English

ISBN 978-0-86715-709-3


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The Ceramic Works

Dental Laboratory Clinical Atlas

Written by a master ceramist with a keen eye for the essence of color and form, this atlas features 60 clinical cases, an appendix of tooth samples in ceramic, and commentary with case details and enlightening laboratory tips for achieving optimal ceramic restorations. The author discusses the development of his internal live stain technique and shares many insights about subtle differences that are key to making restorations look natural. A beautiful reference on ceramic restoration for dental technicians.

Type 1: Anterior Restorations-Mimicking Contralateral Teeth
Type 2: Anterior Restorations-Both Maxillary Central Incisors
Type 3: Anterior Restorations-Both Maxillary Central Incisors and a Single Lateral Incisor
Type 4: Anterior Restorations-All Four Maxillary Incisors
Type 5: Anterior Restorations-All Maxillary Incisors and a Single Canine
Type 6: Restorations of the Six Anterior Teeth
Type 7: Other Restorations
Appendix: Tooth Samples