Leandro Chambrone / Gustavo Avila Ortiz

1st Edition 2022

Hardcover; 21.6 x 28 cm, 624 pages, 2500 illus

Language: English

ISBN 978-0-86715-963-9

7 450 Kč
Kategorie: Cizojazyčné knihy

Critical Issues in Periodontal and Implant-Related Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

with special contributions by Salvador Garcia Valenzuela

The success of periodontal and implant-related plastic and reconstructive surgical therapy is based on several fundamental principles, including an understanding of tissue characteristics in both health and disease, proper selection and use of surgical armamentarium, adequate flap design and management, and an understanding of the properties and indications of different graft materials. All of these elements are interconnected and must be considered in the process of treatment planning and patient care. This book beautifully weaves together clear narrative and stunning visuals to illustrate the five core components of periodontal and implant-related plastic and reconstructive surgical therapy—the tissues, the tools, the flaps, the grafts, and the surgeries—and how to manage them successfully in contemporary clinical practice. A true masterpiece in periodontology.

Chapter 1. The Tissues
Chapter 2. The Tools
Chapter 3. The Flaps
Chapter 4. The Grafts
Chapter 5. The Surgeries