Vincent Ronco

1st Edition 2022

Hardcover; 25 x 25 cm, 324 pages, 682 illus

Language: English

ISBN 978-1-64724-138-4

4 662 Kč
Kategorie: Cizojazyčné knihy

A Comprehensive Concept in Periodontal Plastic Surgery

Among the many modalities developed to treat periodontal recessions, tunneling can be an overlooked approach that is minimally invasive and that can offer highly predictable and esthetic results. The author of this impressive monograph is educationally focused, and he bases the success of tunneling protocols not only on a deep understanding of the tenets of a segmented surgical approach, but also on the strict analysis of the crown-root transition zone, use of novel belt and suspender sutures, and revised management of connective tissue grafts. Chapters are structured to help readers learn what they need to know to begin practicing this technique. Impressive case presentations show the versatility of the approach and demonstrate the variety of complex clinical situations that it can address. This book will become the standard for learning tunneling protocols because of how meticulously the material is presented and because its simple and rational decision trees show clinicians how to establish a clinical pathway where nothing is left to chance.

Chapter 1. Recessions
Chapter 2. Analysis and Modification of Dental Surfaces
Chapter 3. Treatment Concept Based on Tunneling
Chapter 4. Sutures
Chapter 5. Graft Harvesting
Chapter 6. Getting Started and Forging Ahead
Chapter 7. Clinical Applications
Chapter 8. Management of Complications