Understanding Bruxism

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Laluque, Jean-François / Brocard, Daniel / d'Incau, Emmanuel (Ed.)

1st edition 2017

Hardcover, 24,5 x 17,5 cm, 184 pages, 179 images

Language: English

ISBN 978-2-36615-039-1


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Understanding Bruxism

Current Knowledge and Practice

Bruxism is one of the "diseases" of the XXI century and acknowledgment of its destructive nature in the last fifteen years highlighted the hesitations of the profession and the questions of patients.

Since the first book dedicated to bruxism, knowledge has rapidly improved to define today different types of bruxism in what used to appear as an "unmanageable" phenomenon.

Thanks to a better understanding of bruxism during the last decade, the treatment of patients with bruxism is not only more conservative but also dental practitioners can consider diverse etiologies or aggravating factors that may lead to a differential diagnosis with several potential therapeutic approaches conversely to what has been done for too many years.

This well-researched book, with many international contributors, is currently the best available overall summary on bruxism for the dental practitioner and the most conservative answer for treatment of patients.

Part I: Current Knowledge About Bruxism
Chapter 01. Bruxism
Chapter 02. Etiologies
Chapter 03. Pathophysiology of Sleep Bruxism
Chapter 04. Clinical Diagnosis of Bruxism
Chapter 05. Differential Diagnosis and Polysomnography
Chapter 06. Awake Bruxism
Chapter 07. Sleep Bruxism
Chapter 08. Sleep and Pain
Chapter 09. Bruxism in Children and Adolescents
Chapter 10. Bruxism and Temporomandibular Disorders
Chapter 11. Dental Wear and Bruxism

Part II: Management of Bruxism
Chapter 12. Advice and Counseling for Management
Chapter 13. Pharmacology and Bruxism
Chapter 14. Oral Appliances
Chapter 15. Bruxism and Restorative Dentistry
Chapter 16. Ultraconservative Rehabilitation of Patients Displaying Severe Tooth Wear
Chapter 17. Extended Bonded Restorative Dentistry
Chapter 18. Bruxism and Implant Restorations
Chapter 19. Follow-up and Maintenance
Chapter 20. Conclusions and Perspectives

Daniel Brocard • Maria Clotilde Carra • Antoon de Laat • Emmanuel d'Incau • Jean-François Laluque • Gilles J. Lavigne • Frank Lobbezoo • Guido Maria Macaluso • Edoardo Manfredi • Daniele Manfredini • Maria del Carmen Martinez • Sandro Palla • Frédéric Raux • Paul Saulue • Louis Toussaint • Alain Vanheusden • Ephraim Winocur