Zygoma Implants


Arun K. Garg (Editor)

1st Edition 2023

Hardcover; 21.6 x 28 cm, 216 pages, 559 illus

Language: English

ISBN 978-1-64724-157-5

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Zygoma Implants 

Step by Step

With success rates ranging from 95% to over 98%, zygoma implants are the standard of care in the treatment of patients with severe maxillary bone atrophy who cannot be rehabilitated with surgical bone augmentation and/or the placement of conventional or tilted implants. Because patients who qualify as candidates for zygoma implant therapy usually get only one chance to regain their masticatory function, the stakes for this treatment are very high, and that is why Dr Arun K. Garg undertook this project. Written by distinguished authors with decades of clinical knowledge, the book equips the experienced implant surgeon with comprehensive knowledge of every facet of the surgical and prosthetic treatment protocols for zygoma implant therapy, from patient evaluation and selection to step-by-step procedures and the management of complications, building the reader’s knowledge from start to finish. Learn the ins and outs of zygoma implant therapy so you too can deliver this life-changing therapy to your patients.

Chapter 01. Zygoma Implants: Rationale, Indications, and Overview
Chapter 02. The ZAGA Concept: A Multifaceted Approach to Zygoma Implant Rehabilitation
Chapter 03. Anatomy and Pathophysiology of Maxillary Bone Atrophy
Chapter 04. Zygoma Implants: Step-by-step Surgical Protocol
Chapter 05. Oral Rehabilitation with Pterygoid Implants
Chapter 06. Two Zygoma Implants in Combination with Conventional or Tilted Implants
Chapter 07. Quadruple Zygoma Implants
Chapter 08. Multiple Zygoma Implants
Chapter 09. Zygoma Minimally Invasive Technique with Piezoelectric Instrumentation
Chapter 10. Step-by-Step Prosthetic Protocol for Zygoma Implants
Chapter 11. Prosthetic Restoration of Zygoma Implants
Chapter 12. Zygoma Implants in the Patient with Cancer or Maxillofacial Trauma