Atlas of Dental Rehabilitation Techniques


Pascetta, Romeo / Dainese, Davide


Atlas of Dental Rehabilitation Techniques

1st Edition 2012
Hardcover, 416 Pages, 1496 Iglus
Language: English

ISBN 978-88-7492-178-2
QP Italy

5 299 Kč
Kategorie: Protetika

Laboratory procedures require absolute precision to ensure that the appropriate anatomical information is preserved through each stage of fabrication. This laboratory manual defines the key elements that dental technicians should understand to succeed in their work. The authors illustrate the working techniques necessary to create esthetic and functional dental prostheses that reproduce the look of natural teeth. In addition, they detail the technology, materials, and equipment used in their laboratory. In documenting their everyday work routine, the authors underscore the significance of accurate planning, precision work, and clinical and laboratory communication and reveal the steps of the fabrication process for different kinds of restorations. Intended as an accessible and quick-to-consult volume, this exceptional book provides the reader with useful details to address many techniques, from the unexpected challenges for some single-tooth restorations to the complexity of large rehabilitations that present additional difficulties. The talented ceramist authors of this book have distilled their practical experience into the essential techniques, the keys to material selection, and the use of emerging technologies that can guarantee successful prosthetic restoration and patient satisfaction.

Chapter 1. Clinical-Laboratory Communication
Chapter 2. Single-Tooth Restorations
Chapter 3. Fixed Partial Dentures
Chapter 4. Implant-Supported Restorations
Chapter 5. Full-Mouth Restorations
Chapter 6. All-Ceramic Restorations
Chapter 7. CAD/CAM Restorations