Atlas of Botulinum Toxin Injection


Jost, Wolfgang

3rd Edition 2019

Hardcover, 24 x 30 cm, 306 pages, 590 images

Language: English

ISBN 978-1-78698-030-4

3 995 Kč
Kategorie: speciál KVM

Atlas of Botulinum Toxin Injection
Dosage | Localization | Application

This comprehensive atlas, now in its second edition, presents all of the information necessary for botulin toxin use, including dosage, muscle action, localization, and injection technique. Designed for quick navigation, it details the treatment of 126 different muscles organized by body region, illustrating muscle action, injection sites, injection protocols, and injection techniques for each muscle. Revisions to this new edition include updated and refined illustrations and expanded product information.

The author Professor Wolfgang Jost MD is a specialist in Neurology/Special Pain Therapy and Chief Physician at the Ortenau Parkinson's Disease Clinic in Wolfach, Germany. His areas of professional expertise include Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders, as well as migraine and headaches. Wolfgang Jost has many years of practical experience in Botulinum toxin therapy, especially the diagnosis and treatment of dystonia and spasticity.